Friday 11 September 2015

BEHIND THE SCENES | #PrairiePinkTicket Winners

We are super pleased to be sharing this feature post with you today which includes the winners of our #PrairiePinkTicket winners with you from our launch Prairie Pizzazz Subscription Box: Festival Edition. Each of the lucky recipients of our #PrairiePinkTicket received the opportunity to have a bespoke floral crown made using our totally bespoke service. Before we sent them out we just had to take some fancy studio photography of them for posterity! They are each simply beautiful in their own way and the brain child of each of our winners, with of course our own artistic interpretation. We hope we have done each of you proud creating these pieces and even though it is a little late in the calendar to be wearing these pieces in all of their glory this year, just know that if you ever decide to attend festivals, weddings or fancy do's in the future you will be the envy of the occasion! Or... better yet rock these beauties before Summer is officially over... there is still 10 more days to go believe it or not!

This first piece was designed by Bryony Rose over at The Perks of Being Pastel Pink. She ranked pastel pink, ivory and lilac as being her top favourite colour choices and we thought why not blend a mixture of blooms together to create the most heavenly pastel mix. This delightful statement piece was created using delphiniums, corn flowers and chrysanthemum's, with a simply perfect cream grosgain ribbon. Bryony said she was willing to rock either a dainty or statement piece, and even though we couldn't help ourselves by creating this over the top piece it will be perfect piece to rock at a wedding, festival or garden party.

Adele from AdeleSmith gave us the idea behind this half-crown gem. Adele stated she'd like a mix of pinks, blues and gold blooms which we personally think creates the most striking head piece. We decided not to take the gold florals literally as sometimes these can look a little less than thrilling in person - often the material does not match seamlessly with the same silk that is used in our other blooms. As a result we added multi-faceted bead adornments in a vintage gold to bring the bloom delphinium blooms to life. We are thrilled with how this piece turned out and we sure hope that you are too Adele!

Laura over at LolaandBehold gave us the ultimate free rein to created her floral piece. Sometimes this makes us a little nervous as we don't want to create something that won't be adored. However, after browsing Laura's blog we came up with something that we hope that she will love just as much as we do! In fact we almost have a hint of jealousy over this piece! We decided to blend dainty floral asters, daises and delphiniums with a greenery base to make the colours pop just that little extra!

Natalie over at TheMoonMoth Blog gave us the inspiration we needed behind this dainty number! Natalie has the loveliest of hair colours and we wanted to make sure to make it pop with these beautiful purple, red and yellow blooms. Our particular favourites have to be the beautiful corn flowers in this piece that just add a statement to an otherwise darling crown. We think this has rather an ethereal vibe and we LOVE that.

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