Thursday 22 October 2015

EVENTS | #PLBSlumberParty with Sykes Cottages

In November a group of eight bloggers will be making the trip to stay in one of Sykes Cottages for the weekend courtesy of Adele and Kirsty who run the Pretty Lovely Bloggers Events team over at @PrettyLBloggers on Twitter. You should definitely check them out if you haven't already, particularly if you are located around the Midlands, however they are branching out, hosting events across the UK both now and into the future. This isn't just an average weekend though, as the bloggers involved will be having their very own Slumber Party! Are we a bit jealous? Maybe just a little. But we thought there wasn't a better way for us to showcase our Prairie Party Service that we have been running behind the scenes for a little while now to the guests in attendance. So here is a peek at the goodies Adele, Kirsty, Laura, Hannah, Ami, Emma, Kay and Sarah-Jayne will be gifted. We hope you all have the BEST weekend and hope these just brighten your day that little bit more.

Our aim is to bring back party bags (why should we miss out just because we are older?!) and relive the nostalgia from childhood. And how do we go about doing this you say? Well by keeping the novelty that made party bags so fun and exciting back in the day and injecting a hint of sophistication into the mix to make them truly something special and that we as old(er) humans can appreciate. Our party boxes are filled to the brim with a variety of pieces from our accessories collections as well as sweet treats that are always going to find a special place in your heart. Team this with themed confetti, balloons and packaging and you have yourself a glorious selection of pieces that will be sure to enhance your event, whether it is for a birthday party, a hen-do or pretty much anything else that is worthy of celebrating! 

These party bags contain 5 completely exclusive pieces from the Prairie Charms accessories collection including an adorable lilac owl silhouette acrylic necklace...because everyone turns into a 'night owl' *get it?* at a slumber party! Equally this adorable silk bow is made from the prettiest of fabrics, with hints of dark pink and pops of emerald green and teal blue which are just some of the jewel tones brought back for A/W'15. We don't want to give away all the surprises right away so you'll have to keep a look out on the blogs linked above to see what else is featured in November.

How could you not feel nostalgic looking at these princess party boxes. Embrace your inner child!

This piece you see peeking out of the top is a take on our very popular no snag knot ties, but we've made them into full sized headbands which would be perfect for a pamper night. Anyone for face masks? We've got you covered from those pesky fly-aways! This combination of black lace and the perfect of baby pinks really compliment one another. Wearing them together will allow the prettiest hints of pink to peek through! And what's more, they are dainty enough to wear for daily use, making them not only practical but a perfect simple accessory to dress up any hairstyle.

If you are interested in using our Prairie Party Service please drop us an e-mail to for further details!

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